Working principle of metal plasma cutting

Working principle of metal plasma cutting

Where plasma cutting of metal is used, what is its basic principle, and what tools are needed –we have to understand this article in these matters.

Where is it used?

This type of work often can be found:

  • in the field of shipbuilding and engineering;
  • in the field of public utilities;
  • in the formation of metal structures;
  • in private workshops.

Basically this type of cutting involves conductive and several non-conductive materials.

What tool is used?

Workers use a plasma cutter, a device that allows you to cut pipes and sheet metal to make parts or perform a shaped cut.

Principle of operation

For the operation of such a device, three components are required: a current source, a cutter and air.

The current is supplied by pressing the ignition. In that way an electric arc on duty is formed in the plasma torch, its temperature is about 8 thousand degrees. Next, the channel is filled with an electric arc. After that, the compressed air enters the chamber and passes through the arc, heating and increasing in volume. It becomes a conductor due to ionization. The nozzle of the plasma torch creates a powerful air flow of high temperature, called plasma. During the contact of the plasma with the treated surface there is a cutting arc, which not only heats the workpiece, but also allows cutting (by melting).

The price of metal plasma cutting depends on the complexity of the work. If it is necessary to cut one pipe, the costs will be negligible. If it is necessary to process a large amount of metal, the cost will be adjusted by an experienced specialist, it will be much greater than in the first case.

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