Mine cages

Mine cages are designed for lowering and lifting people, transporting mine trolleys, as well as equipment and auxiliary materials along vertical mines and pits shafts and mines with single-channel or multi-channel lifting.

The cages are divided into according to:

  • the method of assembling the metal structure: welded, riveted, collapsible (bolted);
  • the type of conductors: wooden, rail, box, rope, single and double-sided);
  • the number of decks: one and double-deck;
  • the presence of stopping devices in the cage:
  • the type of safety device (parachute catcher PTCA, parachute cutting);
  • the type of used suspension device (UP, pear-shaped deadeyes, PUM, PUSM).

Cages for multi-channel lifting are divided into cages with a movable body and with a motionless body.

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