Rescue ladder LS-2

The LS-2 rescue ladder is a rescue equipment that is used to lift people from vertical shafts in case of accidents with bucket equipment. We offer to order it at LLC Kiselyovskiyzavodgornogooborudovaniya

This equipment will be able to lift to the surface a shift of workers of 30 people total. The product is attached to the winch rope. The rope has a sixfold and more tensile strength. The winch is equipped with brakes and two drives (mechanical and manual). A wedge sleeve and two clips secure the product to the rope. This model has 4 sections with a total weight of 428 kg. The length of the product is not more than 16760 mm, and a diameter of 750 mm.

We offer:

  • Top quality equipment;
  • Individual service to each order;
  • Production of a LS-2 resuce ladder strictly in deadlines;
  • Flexible pricing.

We have been working for a long time in the market of mining equipment and have a good reputation. We have formed a base of regular customers and selected excellent partners. All products are manufactured on modern equipment with a high level of automation. This allows us to produce only quality products. If you need to buy mining equipment in the Kemerovo region, our managers are always in touch.

To buy a LS-2 rescue ladder, please contact us. Visit the site of LLC Kiselyovskiyzavodgornogooborudovaniya and order the product or contact the managers by phone: +7 (384) 320-46-70, +7 (343) 345-92-11.

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