Cradle for changing conductors

Sectional cradle for replacing conductors mounted on a lifting vessel – counterweight. Order it at the LLC Kiselyovskiyzavodgornogooborudovaniya

The construction is sectional. Each section is made of racks and frames. Racks are made of squares, and the frame of channels. A work platform is laid on the bottom frame. The distance between the working sites of each section has a step that allows the conductors to be fastened simultaneously to works of 3 or 4 tiers. Each section has a staircase. Cradles have folding shelves, secured with chains. In descent or ascent operations, the shelves are locked. At the top of the cradle there is a protective umbrella, and in the floorings of work sites there are manholes and slots for a lifting rope.

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  • Perform any individual design;
  • Make a preliminary calculation of the cost;
  • Design of the cradle for replacing conductors, fully compliant with safety regulations;
  • Reasonable prices for products.

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