Milling and lathework

Milling and lathework

While manufacturing its products LLC Kiselyovskiy zavod gornogo oborudovaniya trading companymakes extensive use of modern units and operational lines at its disposal for lathework and milling of metals and alloys.

They allow producing various parts with a high degree of accuracy and in the shortest possible time. In addition, we produce various latheworks and milling works to order for those companies that need them.

It should be noted that due to the presence of a modern machine park and highly qualified personnel of LLC Kiselyovskiy zavod gornogo oborudovaniya trading atrading companyit is able to produce parts of any level of complexity. We produce such latheworks as:

  • High precision machining of external and internal conical and cylindrical surfaces;
  • Drilling, reaming, and hole reaming;
  • Processing of ledges and ends;
  • Cutting of external and internal threads of various types and types;
  • Turning grooves and grooves;
  • Rolling grooves;
  • Processing of shaped surfaces.

All these latheworks are performed by our specialistsin the shortest possible time.

For customers, we also perform such milling work as:

  • Passing and counter processing;
  • Horizontal and vertical processing;
  • Shaped, end, peripheral and end processing.

These works are carried out in severe conformity to technical documentation provided by the customer, and compliance with all requirements and requirements of the process. LLC Kiselyovskiy zavod gornogo oborudovaniya trading companyguarantees the impeccable quality of milling and latheworks operations

  • Milling and lathework
  • Welding
  • Plasma metal cutting

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