Plasma metal cutting

Plasma metal cutting

LLC Kiselyovskiy zavod gornogo oborudovaniya trading company manufactures products that successfully compete in the domestic market with the best analogues produced by leading foreign firms.

The company has a fleet of modern equipment, a staff of highly qualified specialists, which allows not only to manufacture mining equipment in a wide range, but also to perform various works on the orders of other companies. In particular, LLC Kisilevsky Mining Equipment Plant provides services for plasma metal cutting.

Today, plasma metalcutting of is one of the most advanced methods of metalworking. It provides high accuracy and excellent cutting quality. It can be used to cut absolutely any metals and alloys. For such a service as plasma cutting, the price at LLC Kiselyovskiy zavod gornogo oborudovaniya trading company is low, and its use gives our customers the opportunity to seriously reduce the cost of manufacturing their products. If plasma cutting of metal is used, it becomes easier and more profitable for customers to buy products, because by reducing the costs of its production, it turns out to be cheaper than from competitors.

Our company executes this technological operation on the most modern high-performance equipment. We have a very attractive price for such a service as plasma metal cutting, as mentioned above, but this is not its only advantage. By the way, very important include:

  • High speed and accuracy of cutting, even in the manufacture of geometrically complex parts;
  • Almost complete absence of metal deformation;
  • No nitriding at the edges of the slice.

In combination with the fact that such a service as plasma cutting of metal can be bought from us very inexpensively, all this offers its customers considerable additional benefits.

  • Milling and latheworks
  • Welding
  • Plasma metal cutting

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