In the mining equipment production most actively used type of work is welding. Such works are successfully performed by LLC Kiselyovskiy zavod gornogo oborudovaniya trading company.

Today, welding is one of the main technological processes of our factory. It provides production and installation of mining equipment. Various metal constructions are formed with the help of the welding process. The workers of the plant have a specific goal – to form a high quality welding joint in detail.

The work of welders in the factorycan be compared with the assembly line. The main technological task of this process is the formation of strong compounds that will not fail when working at the depth of the mine. Intensive inspection is conductedafter receiving the finished products. Therefore, certain conditions are created for such works.

Welding works in Kemerovo region.

We perform high-quality welding works in the Kemerovo region. You can order welding with application of modern methods and technologies.

Arc welding is the main type of work used in production. She was entitled this way due to the contact between the electric arc and the electrode. This is manualwelding. We employ highly qualified specialists in this sphere. The most large-scale welding work is carried out upon receipt of the flame from the combustion of the gas-oxygen mixture. This method is not very accurate. Plasma and laser welding can be called modern methods. Plasma welding is using gas. Under specific conditions, it enters the plasma state. A laser beam formed by a quantum generator.

We offer:

  • High-quality execution of any welding;
  • Welding by manual and semi-automatic method;
  • Modern types of welding when performing welding;
  • Qualified personnel for welding work;
  • Affordable prices for all types of welding.

Our company has excellent technical and technological equipment. We have modern equipment and any consumables for welding. We guarantee high quality products at affordable prices. Weproduceanyminingequipment, includingminecages.

If you need to execute welding work in Kiselevsk or Kemerovo region, please contact us. Leave a request on the site of LLC Kiselyovskiy zavod gornogo oborudovaniya trading companyor call: +7 (3843) 20-46-70; +7 (343) 345-92-11.